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    Looking for Steve Smith, Quentin Griffin and Charles Tillman RC's

    I am looking for ALL RC's of Steve Smith, Quentin Griffin and Charles Tillman. I am also interested in any GU/AUTOS of them. PLMK what you have.


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    I could use that one. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK what you're looking for in return.


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    i have the gud smith and 2001 topps RC

    would trade for:
    2002 Topps Traded Dontrelle Willis (7)
    2003 Topps GU Pro Bowl Jersey Brian Urlacher

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    steelersrock-the total bv of the smith's is 11 and the total bv of the dontrelle and urlacher is 3......a little lopsided, lol. Are you positive you won't sell? I will definitely buy those if you will.


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    how much? you like anything off my site also?

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    How much will you sell for? PLMK. I REALLY need these!


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    i would prefer to trade id do it for the urlacher

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