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    any marbury collectors droppin out after the trade?

    anybody lookin to move steph now that hes a knick? be lookin for game used autos


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    Hell no man I aint Iam kind of happy hes going to the Knicks he could finally be notied in the league, anyne who wqants to trade there Marbury GU's and Autos lmk, but let bdrr know first of what ya got ok!!!

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    I have this:
    2003-04 Fleer Showcase Hot Hands Game-Used 8 Stephon Marbury $20.00
    LMK if anyone is interested.

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    ill let starbury take a grab at it, ive got one already
    thanx a lot though!

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    Hey cool I'll like that lmk what you need from my site cardinalfan and I only got a baseball auto and football, the auto is in the football tradelist, thnx bdrr

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    All I have is a '98 NBA Hoops Rockethouse Marbury Rookie card, want it?

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