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Thread: 03-04 RC's for sale or trade

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    03-04 RC's for sale or trade

    I have the following rc's to get rid of.

    LeBron James------------Topps, MVP
    Carmelo Anthony--------Topps, Flair Wave of the Future, UD Victory
    Chris Bosh----------------UD MVP
    Dwyane Wade------------Topps, UD MVP, UD Victory, Hoops Creme of the Crop
    Chris Kaman-------------Topps, UD MVP
    Kirk Hinrich---------------Topps, Hoops Creme of the Crop
    TJ Ford--------------------Topps, Fleer Tradition Playgroud Rules
    Mike Sweetney----------Topps
    Jarvis Hayes-------------Flair Wave of the Future, UD MVP
    Michael Peitrus----------UD MVP
    Nick Collison-------------UD Standing O Embossed, Topps
    Marcus Banks-----------Topps, UD MVP
    Reece Gaines------------Topps
    Zarko Cabarkapa--------Topps, UD Victory
    Dave West---------------Topps
    Dahntey Jones----------Fleer Tradition Playground Rules, UD MVP
    Boris Diaw-Riffiod-------Topps
    Zoran Planinic-----------Topps
    Travis Outlaw------------Topps, UD MVP
    Brian Cook---------------Topps, Fleer Tradition
    Carlos Delfino------------Topps
    Ndudi Ebi-----------------Fleer Tradition
    Landrinho Barbosa------Topps, UD MVP
    Josh Howard-------------Topps
    Maciej Lampe------------UD MVP
    Jason Kapono------------Fleer Tradition
    Theron Smith------------UD Standing O
    Troy Bell------------------Fleer Tradition

    I would be most interested in any LeBron or Carmelo that is not on the list. Would also be interested in gu's or auto's

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    im interested these r low end i have some things..i pm em u.....i def get rid of the eddie curry game used patch for some of those

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    james-topps and mvp
    mello- topps
    i need these....what do u want in trade on the entire lot?

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    Do you have any other LeBron's or Carmelo's to trade? I would also be interested in some gu, auto, or Iverson RC's

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