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    03/04 Pristine PRICING?!?!?!?!?!

    Does anyone have the new beckett, I heard they have pricing for 03/04 pristine.....

    Anyways I just won this:

    03/04 Pristine Darko Milicic RC Gold Refractor #/99

    Comes out to like $10 total w/shipping...

    I dont even know why I bid on it, Im thinking its worth it if I can sell it for $15 or traded it for a card I need....

    Please help if possible,


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    thats a great deal...should come out at $60 or more pretty easily

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    u got a great card at a great price u did very well. im selling the uncirculated carmelo #499 for $100.00

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    i looked on tuff stuffs website they dont list the new pristine basketball

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    Oh.....Thanks for all the help guys.....If anyone can still come up with a price on it then i'd appreciate it....but thanks for all this info anyways!.

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