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Thread: HUGE WANTLIST *All Sports*

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    HUGE WANTLIST *All Sports*

    Hello I am currently looking for the following cards:

    1995 Babe Ruth Upper Deck Heroes
    1996 Mantle Topps Ceramic reprints (made by R&N China) 1000 sets made
    1996 Mantle Topps finest reprint, refractors and CASE cards
    1996 Joe Namath Topps reprints
    1997 Mantle and Mays Topps finest reprint and refractors
    1998 Mantle Fleer Monumental Moments and GOLDS
    1998 Clemente Topps Finest reprint and refractors
    1999 Nolan Ryan Topps Finest reprint and refractors
    1999 Musial Fleer Monumental Moments and GOLDS, AUTOS
    2000 Hank Aaron Chrome reprints and refractors
    2000 Unitas Chrome reprints
    2001 Walter Payton Chrome reprint refractors
    2001 Dimaggio UD Pinstripe exclusives:6,8,13,14,16,18,20,34,41,42, and 49
    2002 Bradshaw Chrome reprint refractors and BLACK refractors #/25
    2001-02 Magic Johnson and Jabbar Chrome reprints and refractors

    also need the Roy,Gretzkey and Lemieux chrome reprints and refractors

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    Gary, I have none of those but I can use this:

    2003 Fernando Cabrera Leaf Certified Rookie AUTO /400


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    Hey, I have 00 Hank Aaron Topps Chrome Reprint Refractor base #400 reprint #18 of 23, 00-01 Topps Magic Johnson Reprint #MJ7, 00-01 Topps Magic Johnson Reprint #MJ8, and a Topps Nolan Ryan card that is #106T the date on the back says 89 but I'm almost sure I bought it from a local card shop as a reprint. I have scans if you need em.

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    ac... have any 02 bowman chrome? or autos? in can also use torii hunter autos

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