Got these in today:

03/04 UD Sweet Shot "Sweet Swatches"
- Terrell Brandon (White)
- Joe Smith (Black)
- Marcus Camby(Blue)
- Allan Houston (White)

03/04 UD Sweet Shot Mike Sweetney RC #527/999

03/04 UD Top Prospects "Signs of Success" Jason Kapono Auto RC
03/04 Bowman Chrome Jason Kapono RC
03/04 Bowman Jason Kapono RC
03/04 UD Top Prospects Jason Kapono RC
03/04 Fleer Tradition Jason Kapono RC

Those are what I got.....I need as always: G/U, Autos & Dirk Nowitzki.......

I also got this:
03/04 UD "Clear Court Commemoratives" Eddie Griffin Auto

But I want to hold on to it unless I get a great offer.