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    I am looking for Kirk Hinrich and Leandro Barbosa...

    Let me know what you guys have of these two. post what you have and what your looking for. thanx. check my website also please.
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    you know I have the hinrich auto, but here is what else I have:

    Barbosa: Upper Deck, Topps

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    i have barbosa bowman chrome 2 of them
    also upper deck victory
    and hinrich i have bowman gold, hot prospects cream of the crop, victory, topps, and mvp

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    canuhandleisman-i want barbosa chrome, hinirch gold, hinrich cream of the crop and hinrich mvp. let me know what your looking for.

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    well tell me what bv i can look for man...before i hit up some site

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    canuhandledisman- there is no book on the cream of the crop insert. the bowman gold hinirch books for $8 and the hinrich mvp books for $2 and the barbosa chrome is between $6-$8. your looking at a total bv of about $16-$18.
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    okay so the cream of the crop should be about 7 bucks

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