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    A Bit of the Past? 'Skins Hire Joe Gibbs

    An interesting move to say the least. Is Doug Williams going to become the starting QB and Art Monk at WR? If I were Gibbs I wouldn't have left racing to come work for unarguably the worst owner in sports. Steinbrenner obviously isn't a joy to work for but at least you know you'll have a shot to win every year. Until Snyder learns to sit back in the owner's box and let the execs. take care of everything he won't find succes. He is too hands on, as is Steinbrenner.

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    i think it is pretty cool him coming back to the skins....give him a break from bobby labonte and nascar for a change lol........
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    The Redskins haven't been the same since Gibbs swapped football for NASCAR back in the 90's. Washington, along with San Francisco and the Giants, dominated the NFC in the 80's before another Steinbrenner wannabe, Jerry Jones, who was brazen enough to be on the sidelines (something Snyder won't do, thank GOD!), rebuilt the Cowboys in the 90's.

    Snyder's seen what Bill Parcells, who directed the Giants in the 80's, did with Dallas, and figures, well, it wouldn't hurt to time warp into the past. Gibbs won 3 Super Bowls and is a Hall of Fame coach. Gibbs will bring the Redskins back and put some stability into the offense. Snyder screwed up by letting Stephen Davis walk (and he's having the last laugh), but needs a strong draft in April to give Gibbs the foundation he needs.

    As for "the ol' ball coach", Steve Spurrier, he'll resurface in the college ranks ere long, probably within a year or so, in one of the major conferences. Not sure where, though.
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    what a tremendous hiring

    they boost their season ticket packages; they boost attendance; and TV ratings in Washington should soar....

    plus, it can't get worse than what happened under Steve "... I can work 9-5 and still be successful ..." Spurrier

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