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    SPX 03-04 Cards for trade/sale autos/jerseys/#'d

    Anyone interested in the base set 1-90 let me know I'll trade one for a good $30 g/u card or auto..or around there.

    SPXcellence /3999

    Nash x2
    Mourning x2
    Marbury x2
    Wallace x2
    Nowitzki x2
    Duncan x2
    Bibby x2
    Stoudamire x2
    A Walker
    McGrady x2
    K Malone x2
    R Lewis

    SPX Rookies /2999

    Keith McLeod
    Kyle Korver x2
    Britton Johnson
    Francisco Elson
    Linton Johnson
    Marquis Daniels
    TJ Ford
    U Haslem
    Theron Smith
    WIllie Green

    Winning Materials

    Andre Miller Shoot. Shirt red/ warm-up white
    Jason Kidd S.S. dark blue/ warm-up dark blue
    Allen Iverson S.S. dark blue/black /warm-up db/black
    Dirk Nowitzki S.S blue/ warm up blue
    Shane Battier S.S. red/ warm up white
    Steve Nash S.S. blue / warm up blue
    Vlade Divac g/u jersey dark/ warm up dark x2
    Steve Francis S.S. red /warm up dark x2
    Nene S.S dark/ warm up dark
    Kurt Thomas shorts blue / jersey blue
    Jamal Mashburn teal jersey/purple warm up

    Winning Combos

    K Malone warm up dark / Kirilenko warm up dark x2
    J Rose warm up dark / E Curry warm up dark
    A hardaway warm up dark / J Johnson warm up dark
    Bibby Jersey purple / Stojakovic warm up dark
    Gasol Jersey red / S Swift warm up dark
    Kirilenko warm up dark / Stevenson warm up dark
    Abdur Rahim warm up dark / J Terry warm up dark
    McGrady Warm up dark / A Stoudamire warm up white
    Maggette warm up dark / Olowakandi warm up dark
    Gasol warm up red / S Swift warm up dark
    M Finley warm up blue / S Nash blue warm up
    L Hughes warm up dark / K Brown warm up dark
    D Mason warm up white / G Payton warm up white
    M Fizer warm up dark / T Chandler warm up dark
    B Miller warm up white / R Miller warm up white

    Spectrum Gold

    Stephan Marbury /25

    Rookie Auto/Jersies

    Dwayne Wade 494/750 dark
    Jarvis Hayes 142/1250 blue
    Boris Diaw 1448/1999 white
    Travis Hansen 1601/1999 white
    Maurice Williams 456/1999 white
    Mike Sweetney 1072/1999 white
    Dahntay Jones 1078/1250 white
    Travis Outlaw 1592/1999 Dark blue
    Keith Bogans 1317/1999 light blue greyish?
    Troy Bell 1136/1999 white
    Steve Blake 1699/1999 x2 1273/1999 blue/blue
    Zarko Cabarkapa 1869/1999 purple
    Macej Lampe 1163/1999 white
    Slvko Vranes 1561/1999 white
    Zaur Pachulia 1111/1999 white

    SPX Flashback

    Emanuel Ginobili white

  2. Kronozio
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    Hey I want the Spectrum Gold Marbury /25
    Abdur Rahim warm up dark / J Terry warm up dark
    McGrady Warm up dark / A Stoudamire warm up white

    check my site

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    im interested in almost all of the rookie card you have but in particular the steve blake, dwayne wade and t.j. ford. here is a link to my site and let me know if you see anything.

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    interested in the bibby/stojakovic...

    pm me with what u need....

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    i also really want the hinrich rookie. didnt see that before.

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    finley/nash dual warmup....

    also the nowitzki base....but I will only trade another base for it...

    PM me with what you need...

    Last edited by paul06901; 01-07-2004 at 07:08 PM.

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    I really need the Jarvis Hayes, please check my site! the jersey card with the auto

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    i need:

    hinrich rc
    steve blake auto/rc
    bibby/stojakovic winning combos

    lmk what you would want if trade and a selling price for each individually, thanks

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    i need iverson winning material,excellence iverson and Rookie Auto/Jersies

    Dwayne Wade 494/750 dark

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    i need the miller/miller winning combos and one of the blakes... lmk what you are looking for in return.. i do have this

    02-03 Topps Chrome Final Destination gu jersey steve smith

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