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Thread: Vikings Triple Threads /25

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    Vikings Triple Threads /25

    02 Crown Royale Triple Threads Gold (04/25) Derrick Alexander(2
    color white/yellow from KC uniform), D'Wayne Bates(3 color black/white/orange from Bears uniform), Chris Walsh(purple)

    Looking for a Cowboys card like it.
    PLMK Thanks, Jay

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    i told you before i wanted it check my site n lmk i know a bledoes/couch/griese/25 recently sold for $15 as listed in beckett and i know its not worth more than that

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    SteelersRock2453- LOL......the one below only went for $18
    I'll give ya the extra 3 bucks if you'ld trade it for mine...LOL
    Or if you would like I can find a Cowboys card or two that has
    sold on EBAY in that range I'ld trade for in a H U R R Y ! ! !
    What ya think ?

    02 Donruss Leather Kings Vick Football 22/25 Item number: 2776339292

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    yea right if i got that id keep it please check my sight n lmk

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