Below is a list of trading guidelines/rules that we expect all traders to use when trading on SCF. Unless otherwise agreed to these should be standard for every trade.
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1) Cards must be sent in a toploader (or better quality card holder).

2) Cards must be sent within 3 days of the agreement (Unless send first requirements are agreed to in the trade)

3) Traders must state the condition of the card if it is not NM or better.

4) Members with over 20 SCF feedback (with no negatives) may automatically request a new member with under 20 feedback to send first.

5) Traders should clarify exactly how the card is being shipped before completing the trade.

6) Traders should post the agreement of the trade on the thread it originated or as a post in the appropriate trading forum.

If you are having problems with a trade/trader:

1) Use all means necessary to work the problem out with the trader.

2) If the trader can not be reached for communication wait at least 5 days after the card should have arrived before taking any further action.

3) After 5 days contact a member of the moderator team about the situation. (You may leave negative feedback if you deem it necessary).

4) The moderator team will address the issue to help complete the trade or ensure the situation doesn't arise in the future.

Note: In order to have your trades worked by the Leadership team please post your trade agreements in the Trading Status Forum.