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    Autos\GU\Patch f\t for vintage rcs

    I am looking for vintage rcs & $20+ Peyton Manning rcs I do not have, nice $15+ star rcs, but foremost I am looking forthese rcs:
    Elway, Marino, Griffey UD, 85 McGwire, Barry Sanders & Aikman Score, Sosa 89 Donruss Baseballs best, Bonds, Ripken & etc..
    Heres what I have to trade right now
    02 UD Chirography Barry Zito Auto # 146/419 bv $40 (need something nice on this one, Will not trade down)
    1991 Ultra Nolan Ryan (In person @ Arlington Stadium around 12 years ago) Nice bold blue sharpie auto\ scan available
    03 Fleer Platinum Andruw Jones Name Plates 3 clr patch bv $30
    03-04 Authentix Paul Pierce Ripped jsy bv ?
    01-02 Topps Xpectations Dirk Nowitzki Class Challange jsy bv $25
    00-01 UD Black Diamond Game Gear Dirk Nowitzki jsy
    02-03 Topps Jsy Edition Road Gold Dirk Nowitzki jsy # 194/299 bv $30
    02-03 UD Star Imports Dirk Nowitzki jsy bv $20
    02-03 Topps TCC Challenging the Champ Dirk Nowitzki jsy bv $25
    03-04 ultra Leaps & Bounds Dirk Nowitzki Jsy bv $15
    03-04 Ultra Scoring Kings Dirk Nowitzki jsy bv $15
    03-04 UD Sweet Shot Steve Nash Jsy bv $15
    02-03 SP Game Used All Star Apparels Steve Nash jsy bv $15
    03 UD Game Used Michael Finley jsy
    Fleer 100th Anny Wade Boggs Splinded Splinters Bat card bv $40
    01 Sage Die Cut Duece McAllister Auto #d /250 bv $50 (wont trade down)
    01 Finest Stephen Davis Finest Momsents refractor auto bv $40 (wont trade down)
    01 Topps Gallery Aaron Brooks Auto bv $20
    93-94 Classic Jamal Mashburn auto #d /1000 bv $25
    99-00 UD Now Showing Vince Carter #d/100 bv $60
    01 UD Stephon Marbury jsy bv $15
    01 UD Steve Garvey rc bv $15
    PLMK & Thanks,
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