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Thread: 03 SP Autnentic Box Break

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    03 SP Autnentic Box Break

    Broke a box
    here are the highlights
    make offers if you want

    Sign of the Times Peyton Manning autograph /900
    Sam Aiken Rookie Autograph /1200
    Kliff Kingsbury GOLD Jersey 4/25

    taking cash offers
    trades too but would like to sell these to make some of my money back
    will probably list on ebay within the next 2 days if i dont get any solid offers


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    Check with enigma_shadow on the same aiken card. I know he is a very big collector of his cards and would probly be very interested in it


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    2001 Pacific Atomic 2 Color Jersey Patch RC
    2001 Playoff Honors Rc Jersey #'d

    check my page, I can talk to you on IM also.....Nudeldude2727


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    i have no idea what the manning will book at
    the guy at the shot said 100 but i dont think it will be quite that high
    what do the past few years book at?
    i figure it will book around 60


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    sam aiken rookie auto from the bills

    jandj - didnt you have a bunch of stuff i wanted?

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