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    hey everyone,

    im looking for marian gaborik, marian hossa, martin havlat, dany heatley, and rostislav klesla commons. if anyone has any commons, could you please tell me what commons you collect and i will make a list of what you have. i, like most people on this forum, have a ton of commons and i would like to trade them for the aformentioned players i am looking for. i will give you alot more of the commons you are looking for if you have any of the players i need. i will definitely trade in your favor.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i think i have a huge amount of those players, let me dig em all up and get back to u asap

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    I am also looking for heatley

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    well if i get some heatley that you want maybe we can work out a deal. while heatley is awesome, i am mainly looking for marian gaborik.

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    I would be interested in all of your Tampa Bay Lightning cards, from paralell's and inserts to everything else. I will get together as many of those players cards as I have. I will even trade better cards for all of your Lightning depending on how many you hvae.


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    Clint ya want the two Gaborik's i got???Lords of the Rink & Artistic Reditions #/75 (gold)

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