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    Anyone interested in this 03 Bowman Draft Picks X-Fractor?

    2003 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome X-Fractor Jamie D'Antona 085/130
    Book Value is $30. He was the D-Backs 2003 2nd round pick. LMK if your interested!

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    dude if you were smart you'd put it on the bay. d'antona's stuff has sold well of late as people are beginning to realize he was one of the best power prospects to emerge from this year's draft. i believe he hit 15 hr's after signing. good luck!!!

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    alright thanks for the tip i found one on there right now so ill watch that and see if its what i want. thanks.

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    i searched the completed auctions and found 3 which have ended b/n $15 and $23. once the other one closes, i'd put yours up w/ a $20 bin. heck, that'd be enough to buy 2 snyder autos;)

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    neil, I have a few soriano rcs, I am intrested in the xfractor, let me know what rcs of soraino you are looking for. I have his topps traded, topps traded chrome, UV, fleer update, bowman chrome and a few others. lmk thanks

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    Very interested in the D'Antona Xfractor. Have a Brad Snyder AUTO for trade. Also, a 2003 Elite Jason Anderson.


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