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    I need pretty much everything of Carlos Guillen!!!

    Add him to the tigers new list of newbies. I need everything of him other than autos (mad????). As well, I need these guys:

    Al Levine
    Jason Johnson
    Mike Maroth (Mostly rare stuff)
    Brian Schmack (Finite)
    Mike DiFelice

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    My Guillen cards are:
    2003 UD


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    I think I already have that one because I bought like 8 boxes of 03 UD that was really cheap, sorry we couldnt make a trade.

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    i have these 3 carlos guillen cards: i could trade for the luis gonzalez jersey.

    99 fleer tradition #137
    99 ud choice "rookie class" #19
    01 fleer platinum #132

    pls pm me if you are interested.

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    I'll pass sorry, I wasnt looking to trade my gu for these.

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    do you have any of my wants?
    check site and also these sets: 92 bowman, 99 ud black diamond, 99 ud choice prime choice reserve #/100, 00 e-x prospect #/3499

    if not i can trade for pujols/prior/jeter...prefer numbered.

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    also what if i add singles to the guillen to get the luis gonzalez? if so give me a list other than the ones posted.

    thans again.

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    I dont really like to give up gu for commons, but I'm always more than happy to do inserts, I doubt I have much of those three, since everyone wants them and I've run bone dry on them. Please Check Out My Site.

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