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    Willing to buy GU of the following players:

    Looking for GU of: Will buy!!

    Todd Heap
    J.R. Redmond
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Brett Favre
    Michael Vick
    Brian Urlacher

    Cheap GU preffered, plmk thanks.

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    Iced- What's the BV on the Hasselbeck and how much are you looking for?

    hehateme- Sorry Favre is a bit pricey for my blood, thanks though.

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    i have a 2002 Fleer Premium Prem Team Urlacher jersey bv20- make an offer on it in cahs

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    Jandjkards- thanks for the notice, looking to spend maybe $5-$6 at the most and that offer would be an insult to that card but lmk if it isn't anyway thanks.

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    02 Finest Urlacher Jsy bv 25
    03 Pristine Pristine Performance Jsy BV 15

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    Portis - how much would you take for the 03 Pristine Urlacher BV 15? $5 reasonable? LMK thanks.

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    sure $5 works for me pm me how you plan on, check, money order, paypal, anything works. Paypal takes their percentage, but ill eat it if you pay via paypal

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