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Thread: 1999 Leaf R&S RC's FT/FS

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    1999 Leaf R&S RC's FT/FS

    I have these MINT 1999 Leaf R&S RC's

    Jeff Garcia RC
    Kurt Warner RC
    Daunte Culpepper RC
    David Boston RC

    also have these

    1998 Topps Season Opener
    Brian Griese RC

    1999 Torry Holt RC's
    Skybox Dom RC
    Topps Rookie Rush #AM27

    also have these Jerome Pathon RC's
    98 Leaf R&S RC
    98 Topps Finest RC x2 with peel
    98 Topps Chrome RC x3

    Would like to get a cheaper Manning auto, but will listen to trade or cash offers....thanx

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