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    Exclamation Commons to trade or sell, HUGE LOTS!

    I have a (2) 3200ct box plus 4 shoe boxes of mixed common/semistar/insert/etc. cards that I need to get rid of...

    Theres baseball/football/basketball and probably a couple hockey cards.......years range from probably 1990-2003...possibly a few older

    I will search for any specific teams anybody needs......

    I wont search for players as it will be way to time consuming....

    I figure I can go in lots of maybe 100 +++

    I can sell or trade for g/u, autos, good rcs, dirk nowitzki cards, or just about anything that catches my eye.......

    LMK what teams you need.......

    And PLEASEEE!!!!!!!!!!! If you want me to look for a team, YOU MUST DEFINATELY WANT THE CARDS!!!!!!!!!! I have plenty of other ways of wasting my free time!:D

    Thanks and LMK,
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    .......what team do you need???

    Also since your using CC ill have to charge you a small amount of extra CC for shipping costs......


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    paul - can you look at my post in the baseball trading forum saying "EVERYBODY HAS TO READ THIS" i need those cards...let me know if you have any

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    Im not looking up player by player sorry.......only teams....

    Anyone else?????

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    please paul..i really need the cards...can you just do this as a favor?

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    I might when I get some free time, right now im too busy looking up team lots......but when I get some free time ill try to find some of those players..

    Anyone else need any teams?


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    Could you pull out all the St. louis Cardinals you have. I would be interested in trading or buying a bulk lot.


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    Pittsburgh Pirates let me kow how many cards you have.

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