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Thread: new NPN for trade

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    new NPN for trade

    I got a 2003 bowmans Best Double - Play Joey Gomes - jason Kupel duel Auto Bv 25 i collect football cards Vikings Clinton Portis Jamal Lewis Shaun alexander lmk asap
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    VERY VERY interested. I don't have any football though. Would you sell? I would buy for a very good price.


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    Could you do $5? If not, what is the best you can do?


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    the best i can do is to much i cant see selling a auto for 5 10 the best free s/h sry if its to much!!

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    Anyway we can meet in the middle and go $7.50?


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    if you dont do a deal here, check my site..Thanks


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    im inerested


    im inerested in the clinton portis 2002 glory bound bv 25$ its an equal trade lmk asap
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    check my site and lmk, im interested...

    btw. whats the year/set?

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    Still interested in this card. Please let me know.


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