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    Need 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Still

    I need some cards from the base set for a 2nd set, i need inserts,numbered, just about anything, give me your list.

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    i have these 2:
    preston larrison #189
    brian bruney #198 silver border #/100 (dbacks)

    looking for any of these:
    check site for my priority wants and also these sets:
    92 bowman
    99 ud black diamond
    99 ud choice prime choice reserve #/100
    00 e-x prospect #/3499
    low end game used/autos.

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    How about for an eye opener,

    I have a 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Shannon Stewart (embossed with "The 24th Nationals") 1/1 (stamped) #73 &

    2003 Kenny Rogers #68 stamped 1/1 from the same. Both mt or better.

    PLMK offers.

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    dont need, only need cards that were pulled from hobby or retail packs

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    since neither book, i have to go by ebay prices.

    the preston larrison rc is going for 5.00 on ebay while the brian bruney #/100 rc is going for around 4.00.

    i can trade both for these 2 game used:
    2003 Hardball Alex Rodriguez Jersey Bv 15.00
    2003 Ex Blue Diamond Essentials Randy Johnson Game Used Jersey Card 134/345 Bv 8.00

    if need be i will add some singles.

    i will trade both for

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    thats a rip, i dont have arod though and randy i gave to somebody for christmas

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