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    C. Jones, A. Jones, Griffey Jr, etc... Need to get rid of!!!

    I have tons of the players listed in the title, I'm looking for football stuff now, check my signature. I have full lists on my site, LMK if you want anything!

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    i have a julius pepper 02 fleer hot prospects rc/jsy #/1000, do you need it??? i'd be looking for baseball rc's in return. lmk

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    I'm only a baseball collector and somebody once gave me a couple football packs and I don't want the cards, interested in any (I like your Chipper Jones commons)?

    2003 Playoff Prestige:
    Dorsey Levens
    Darrell Jackson
    Fred Taylor
    Warrick Dunn
    Jonathan Wells

    2001 Upper Deck:
    Trent Green

    If you want a scan just let me know. :)

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    Hey halo, most of my baseball stuff is on my site, haven't bought any new stuff in 2 or 3 years but I do like that Peppers you have, also, chipper, I'd like to trade with you but I don't really need any of those, sorry...
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    this was the only thing that caught my eye but i doubt you'd want to deal it. i could throw in a couple of extra peppers rc's (ud mvp and bowman). lmk

    Andruw Jones 99 Skybox “Autographics”

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    Hey, I'll letcha know if my deal falls through for it... A guy on another forum has offered me a pretty nice peppers for it, but I'll letcha' know if something doesn't come of it.

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