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Thread: WTTF 03 UD National Pride JCs

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    WTTF 03 UD National Pride JCs

    I am starting to collect this subset.. only have 3 so far so it is starting slow :) Most of these book around 5-10 with th ePrior and Weeks around 15-20... I will trade BV for BV if I trade a JC for it.. if you want an auto, since it is for a GU, I would prefer to trade in my favor.. if you want a 15-25 auto, then I would like 24 + in GU of these cards.. thanks!

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    for that I could move a Burrell JC... do you still have any others... I might move the Carew if it were for a bunch of them

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    nope, i've got a grip of the 2002 usa nat'l team jsys #/475 but that's not what you're looking for=( thanks anyways!

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    ok well i still am interested in the cordero...lmk or do you take cc?

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    nah i don't do the whole card cash thing. you have any jeff mathis cards???

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    no lol i sent him the cards i had for him to sign them

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    he's a great signer. i have gotten him to sign about 20 cards, hats, pics, programs etc. etc. i sent him 2 4x6's at the AFL along w/ a 4x6 of dallas mcpherson. he signed both w/ the pen i sent and even passed along to pic to dally;)

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