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    Reggie miller 97-98 Skybox autographics for trade/sell

    It books for $200, I'm looking to get other high end autos in return or if you offer the right price I might sell it.

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    sorry, but there was nothing that couled use for the miller auto, let me know if you have any high-end autos unlisted on the site or If your interested buying it PM what's the most you can pay for it. Thanks

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    i can give you a 96-97 SkyboxEmerald Autographs Grant Hill BV $200

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    Not very interested in this one only wouled trade if you'd give me somthing good on top.
    But I like a lot of your other autos. Are you %100 sure that any KG aren't for trade? I'd like to get one of them. PLMK.

    Garnett, Kevin 01-02 MVP Game Night Gear Jersey Auto /100 - $50 (NFT)
    Garnett, Kevin 00-01 Encore Warm-Ups Auto /21 -$60 (NFT)

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