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    I Need Kobe, Tracy, and more!!!!!!

    Kobe Bryant HOLOFOIL TCC Crowning Moment(Prolly won't trade)
    K.C. Jones 1958-1967 NBA HOOPS 1990
    Johnny Newman NBA HOOPS1990
    Mike Gminski NBA HOOPS 1990
    Tom Garrick NBA HOOPS 1990
    Mel Turpin NBA HOOPS 1990
    Steven Hunter TCC
    Antonio Davis TCC
    Joseph Forte TCC
    Shareef Abdour-Rahim TCC
    Raef Lafrentz TCC
    Joe Johnson TCC
    Glenn Robinson TCC
    Mike Bibby TCC

    Kobe Bryant cards
    Tracy McGrady cards
    Allen Iverson cards
    Magic Johnson cards
    more.......juss offer!!!!!!!!!
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    98 Collector's Edge Kobe Ball bv40
    02-03 Flair Court Kings T-Mac Shorts bv25

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    I have a skybox premium t-mac rc bv 8.


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    kobe-uuuuummmmm I have a few old cards if u want I got a Kobe holofoil card from their 3rd final championship!!!!!

    sportnut-wat do u need

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    Post your tradelist here.
    Can you provide me with some more info on Kobe holofoil card???
    LMK. Thanks

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    welllll i don't have it wit me it is at my house!!!!But i think it is a 2000 or a 2001!!!!!!It's purple and the pic is in a crown design!!!!and all my b-ball cards r at my house i'll give u a list on Sunday after 4 o'clock!!!!!

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    1997/98 Fleer Tracy McGrady 226 $4.00 RC
    1997/98 Skybox Premium Star Search Tracy McGrady SS7 $8.00
    1998/99 Upper Deck Aerodynamics Tracy McGrady A4 $8.00

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    If you have baseball and football cards check my site for my Rookie Wantlists. Otherwise from basketball I am really only looking for Carmelo. PLMK.


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    can u give me a link to ur football card wants????The only baseball card i have is Darryll Strawberry!!!!!!1

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