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    WTTF Chipper Jones and Marcus Giles

    Hi. I am looking for any Chipper Jones and Marcus Giles cards that I do not have. Leave a post with what you have. Some of my tradelist is on my site. The havelist is updated now. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, im interested in these two below, just updated my gu trade list(275 bb cards), lmk if anything interests you for these, mike

    02 Best of Fan Club League Leader Joe Mays /175 2 color JERSEY $15
    02 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Jim Edmonds JERSEY /150 $10.00
    TRADING FOR (1) GREG MADDUX (2) HOF GU/AUTOS (3) 2006-2015 A&G RELICS (4) 2008 UD HEROES #D

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    Sorry, nothing I can use as I'm only looking for Jones and Giles. Thanks for the reply.

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    i have a chipper jones 2004 topps superior sluggers insert that i would trade for your brad nelson 2002 bowman rc.


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    I don't think that it is from 04 Topps. That sounds like 03 Upper Deck. I already have that card. Thanks anyway.

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    i've got a grip of chippers(au/gu/#d). lmk if you have anything from my wantlist. btw looking for vlad rc's as well

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    I have a Marcus Giles Auto that is on the way...I will let you know when I get it

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    What are you looking for in return for the Giles?

    As a sidenote, my web site has been updated with a ton of new cards, including 2004s, a GU, and an Auto.
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    I think it might take awhile, because I have 3 beckett grading tickets and I think I am going to send it in to be graded, as well as my Helton AU that is also on the way.

    I will let you know though...I didn't really see any autos I liked though...

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