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    Looking to trade. Need Current Pittsburgh Pirates

    Please check out my website. I am in the process of adding more cards.
    I need current Pittsburgh Pirates players. gu's basecards, ookie cards, and auto's.
    I am also interested in current Pirates players on other cards.

    Need all Bryan Bullington and Sean Burnett cards.
    Also looking for refractors of the Pirates.

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    Hello, im interested in your edmonds 02 ud dc, do you need any of these gu??? lmk, mike

    bell/derek 01 topps bat
    davis/eric 01 topps bat
    ---01 f plat jumberjacks bat
    ---01 f. plat fence busters bat
    kendall 01 private stock jersey-141
    villone/ron 02 ud 40 man jersey 176/250
    TRADING FOR (1) GREG MADDUX (2) HOF GU/AUTOS (3) 2006-2015 A&G RELICS (4) 2008 UD HEROES #D

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    All i have is a Donruss Signature Jason Kendall Autograph #ed to 1000.

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    I need these form your site:
    99 UD MVP Carlos Beltran AUTO
    2003 Topps Traded Gold Jason Kubel

    I'll see what I can find of Pirates later.


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    Just let me know what you come up with.

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    I have a 1993 Bowman Jason Kendall RC BCCG 10. Sell or trade, Im looking for any Cubs commons, GU, or autos.

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    I have some Cubs commons.
    Let me know who you are interested in.

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    Im interested in any commons from 2000-2004 of the cubs. How many would you give me for the kendall card?

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    I have a Cubs stack ready just let me know what sounds fair and I will see what I can do.

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    Sammy is king to start it off I just found a 03 Bowman Quincy Carter.

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