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    Looking for Derek Jeter & Vladimir Guerrero

    Looking for specific types of Jeter & Vlad Cards.

    #'d Cards
    Refractors/X-Factors etc.
    Game Used

    Refractors/X-Factors etc.
    Game Used

    Guidelines : Won't trade autographs for anything but autographs or 95 bowman/95 bowmans best vlad rookies.

    LMK what you have.

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    I have a 2003 Topps Heritage Chrome Vlad #ed to 1956 BV 10....lmk if your interested.

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    I have this
    Derek Jeter
    02 Donruss Originals Hit List GU Base 68/346 #HL-5
    LMK if interested and what you have for mr from my sig! Thanks

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    i have alot of base/inserts of arod, pujols, mcgwire, ichiro and bonds. lmk if you are intrested in that, ill make lists. if not check my site.

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    I kinda want GU 4 GU! LMK if come across some! I can probably come up with some base and inserts of jeter or vlad for your ichiros. If you have an ichiro list pm it to me and maybe we can do up a trade! Thanks

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    I pmed you rippaflow, I'm looking for Garret Anderson in case you want the card.

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    4x5blacktail - thats all the gu i have.\
    Dshier89 - i replied to your pm, im intrested.

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    do you have a list of ichiros for trade for something other then the GU? If ya do and you would rather pm it go ahead! Otherwise maybe next time!! Thanks

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    yeah i do, ill make a list after the football game is over. or at halftime.

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