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    Hi, I made a webpage with trading cards, there are many czech cards and any NHL common cards, rookie cards and limited cards for trade. Wantlist too.
    You can find my page here:

    Thanks for looking.

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    Welcome to the forum Kyci!

    Hope you enjoy your stay. :D


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    It can't compare to my new site...If you guys havent yet heard, my site is *Admin Edit* i highly advise you check it out, its great. thanks. don't forget to register! There is buying, selling, trading, and once the rest of the site is up, I'm selling off a warehouse worth of hockey cards and memrobilia.

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    thank you very much for editing my post mr. administrator. I don't see why you did, because I did it in the proper room at the proper time....But thanks! That's very nice of you to have done. I already feel so.....welcomed here.

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    Maybe if you read the rules after your first two warnings that wouldn't be a problem.

    So in just a couple of posts you were able to:

    Advertise your forum site repeatedly with warnings and continue to do so then hijack this thread, which is very rude, and insult me.

    I believe that's a record!

    Sorry for the disruption on your thread Kyci.


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    BGray- just a question- is the 'Sports card pro' icon under my name a good thing?

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    Yes Canucksfan19 :)

    As you accumulate posts your title moves up.


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