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    Looking for Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash

    Does anyone have a Dirk Nowitzki and/or Steve Nash? Im looking for like a fleer tradition (or a non glossy card) of each of them. PLMK What you have and how much cc your looking for! Thanks A lot!

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    Anyone have just regular cards of eathier of them!?!? PLMK Thanks!!

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    I have Steve Nash rookies and 2nd year cards and cards of him when he was at Santa Clara (or whatever college he came out of, I forget)

    PM me if you're interested

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    Thanks anyways im just looking for a common so i can send to him! Thanks anyways again tho!

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    dn - you are going to send to them TTM right? i got them back this year already..nice autos

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    They both usually sign c/o Mavs. Just looking for any plan ole cards of them! LMK if you have any Thanks!

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