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    LOOKING FOR DVD's TRADING MY CARDS AND BUYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey, I'm looking for these DVD' if anyone has them, I;ll trade my cards or buy them, if price is right. thanks

    X-Men 1
    the Ring
    Pirates of the Carrabian
    Underworld !!!!!I NEED THIS BAD!!!!!
    Dumb and dumberer
    Mr. Deeds
    School of Rock
    ....And any other DVD', just list em and I might need them. Thanks

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    I have X-Men 1 i would be interested in possibly selling it for cash make me an offer on what you would pay. Thanks

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    Do you need Gangs of New York?

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    Its a good movie, but I have no need for it. Thanks though!

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