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    Exclamation question about 02/03 bowman signature "encased" cards....

    lol, this is the 1st time i'm asking a question about trading cards but i'm not an expert in basketball as i am in baseball....ANY help/info would be appreciated.

    i have a 02/03 bowman signature auto jersey that is encased. i've been told that some of the cards in the set are NOT encased...mine has the "topps uncirculated" sticker and am wondering if it adds value since it seems there are some that are encased like mine and some that are not??

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    im confused to what you are asking...the rookies autos are the only cards that are encased as far as i know though

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    what is there to be confused about?

    i also thought all the auto rc from this set/year were encased but i found a couple traders that had cards that were from the same set/year (all rookie auto jerseys) that were not encased.

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