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    3 new jersey cards FT including Prior w/scans!

    2002 UD Sweetspot USA Mark Prior Jersey BV 20
    2003 Fleer Genuine Genuine Articles Curt Schilling BV 10
    2002 SPx Winning Materials Scott Rolen(pants)/Bobby Abreu(jersey w/stripe) BV 15

    Looking for players in my sig, or offer GU or Autos. Thanks!

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    I need the Prior. Could you check my page to see if there's anything in my game used section that you would want in trade ?

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    3 offers:

    i get:prior jersey
    you get:myers blue chips, fleer tradition update ben howard sp, baldelli 03 donruss the rookies and 02 fleermaximum power roberto alomar bat (bv=15)


    i get: prior jersey
    you get:02 topps tribute vida blue/dennis martinez dual jersey (commemorates 2000 career strikeout mark)

    i get: prior jersey and roy oswalt jersey
    you get: 03 topps record breakers george brett bat and the 3 cards (myers/howard sp/baldelli)

    lmk if interested.


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    Like everybody else, I am interested in the Prior.
    I have a 2000 Bowmans' Best Brett Myers Rc #151 1305/2999 to offer. BV $25.


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    Rick Polus - I didnt see anything I could use....thanks anyway!

    Pujols - None of those offers really interested me....thanks anyway!

    Jedi - PM sent.

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