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    List inside - my Bonds GU for any one Bonds cert auto

    I am only trading these cards away for a Bonds auto. No exceptions.

    You present me with an offer and I'll decide if a Bonds auto is that important to me. At this point, I want one REAL bad!!

    Please email me any offers.

    2002 Donruss Jersey Kings Studio Series 4 Barry Bonds $100.00
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown Season Crowns Triple Swatch 6 Bonds/Kent/Chipper $100.00
    2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club League Leaders Materials LL-31 B.Bonds HR Jsy/175 $50.00
    2002 Topps Gold Label MLB Awards Ceremony Relics Titanium BB2 Barry Bonds HR Uni $50.00
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Tribute to the Stars Dual Relics BB Barry Bonds Bat-Uni $50.00
    2002 Donruss Classics New Millenium Classics 57 Barry Bonds Ball/150 $40.00
    2002 Donruss Originals Making History Materials 5 Barry Bonds Base $40.00
    2003 Leaf Limited Gold Spotlight 54 Barry Bonds H $40.00
    1998 Stadium Club First Day Issue 43 Barry Bonds $40.00
    2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Milestone Materials Relics Red BB2 Barry Bonds 1500 Runs Uni $40.00
    2001 Fleer Legacy Tailor Made 3 Barry Bonds $30.00
    2002 Leaf Certified Mirror Red 146 Barry Bonds Base $30.00
    2002 Stadium Club All-Star Relics SCAS-BB Barry Bonds Uni G6 $30.00
    2002 Topps Pristine In the Gap BBO Barry Bonds Uni B $30.00
    2002 Topps Pristine Popular Demand BBO Barry Bonds Uni $30.00
    2002 Topps Reserve Bat Relics BB Barry Bonds A $30.00
    2001 Topps Reserve Game Jerseys TRR-BB Barry Bonds $30.00
    2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jersey J-BB Barry Bonds $30.00

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    Are you the same Fatz from
    I was wondering before I offered you a deal.
    If so, please disregard this post because I do not want to take that chance.

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    Yes I am and let's say for a moment that I'll send first, what's on your mind?

    BTW, I don't know why EG2 would have lied and maybe he didn't, but I know for a fact I didn't send him any broken toys, man. That went way too far for no reason.

    I'd be willing to deal with you even though I saw all that go down about you, too. Your call.

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    rice80fan2-if u cant get something worked out with fatz im interested int eh bonds auto as well. ive got almost all of the same bonds gu as fatz plus a few otehr low end gu LMK if u want to work something out thanks.

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    I've got over $3000 in less than 500 Bonds cards so I'm sure I have something someone wants to swap for that ol' auto card sitting in the little plastic sleeve tucked away inside your top drawer only taken out to drool over once a


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    It is going to be pretty hard to get a Bonds auto for game used. lol you should try buying on ebay...they got tonds of bonds autos there.

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    OK then, lemme ask you this. What's the going % on high book to buy a Bonds auto? I need to know how much to start offering without sounding like a damn idiot.

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    Well, since Bonds doesn't have a ton of autographed stuff, youe best bet is to look on eBay.
    I will see what ones I have to get rid of and what an eBay price is going at then I will get back to ya.

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