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    offering this one last time, someone must want this..19 Antione Walker Edge game ball

    1997 Collectors edge Antione Walker Game -used ball BV 12

    Trade for anything but Basketball, prefferably a cheap gu or auto

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I wont give you a g/u or auto because its just a cheap edge g/u ball.......but if theres anything else you need lmk,


    Or I can give you this:
    2002 Pacific "Game Worn Jersey" Cory Stillman Jersey #0191/1135

    Its hockey, and I dont collect at all, but thats the only g/u Im willing to give up....
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    Hey, sorry it's a little off topic, but did you by chance ever find that Maximum RC of Julius Peppers?

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