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    02 SP Legendary Cuts Willie Stargell Autograph FT

    I am currently accepting offers on my 2002 SP Legendary Cuts Willie Stargell Autograph Hand #ed to 153 bv 150.00. Looking for playoff prime cuts autos w/box and any nice sweet spot autos or star autos or BRAVES AUTOS! LMK!

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    hey Chris I have some sweet Braves autos as well as lots of other teams high end's what I have for Braves:

    Andy Marte 2003 finest rc auto $40 (red hot selling for full book or more on ebay)
    Gary Sheffield auto #'d/24 (no bv due to scarcity)

    I have other high end autos as well, lmk if we can work something out, thanks!

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