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    Grossman/ St. Pierre Dual rookie jersey ft

    Just in is a Leaf Rookies & Stars Dual Jersey rookie card of Rex Grossman and Brian St. Pierre..Both Swatches are Black and the card is # 97/400

    I would be looking for packer memorabilia or badger memorabilia((ron daynes i wont trade for doubles))

    Worst comes to worst I can see if there is a card as trade bait for another trade


    p.s. Card will be listed on my www with a few other things too

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    is this card number 283 in the set?? If so, Beckett New Release Pricing has this card at $15

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    Portisfan.. thnx for the tip but i searched it up on beckett online under leaf and 2003 and have been getting nothing. I dont think the pricing is available just yet

    lewisduo i couldnt find anything of interest

    andrade.. I would be looking for packer or badger memorabilia((if daynes i need to check make sure i dont have)) to trade.. I am thinking between 20 and 40 in trade depending on who and all that since there is no pricing but to ask much more then a 40 dollar gu card is outta the question

    thnx for your interest everyone


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    i would be interested in the grossman/pierre. check my site and lmk if you like anything

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    If you have an online subscription go to New Release Pricing and it has listings for Leaf Rookies & Stars, Bowman Chrome, and Fleer Focus. Just to give you a rough idea. I tend not to go by the new release pricing though.

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    Sorry Steelers.. I didnt see anything..

    Hot Sauce.. I see you have vick on your wantlist but i do know that i can trade that one fairly easily.. I could probly work something out with ya dealing with a vick jersey if you want to



    I believe the new pricing for things online is tuesday.... If you want to wait it out on exact bv we can but that one is up to you

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    Portis fan.... Very interesting.. I didnt know that they offered something like that.. I can only say this because that means some people are paying really freaken outragous prices on these cards.. There is one going off in a few hours thats at 11.49 plus shipping and ends tonight.. Thats how igot my values


    EDIT.. thnx for looking it up though :) much appreciated

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