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    Now If your putting up a decent card for auction and you only want to get $.99 for it, then title it like this:

    Ill take these all day!

    What was this guy thinking???

    Anyways Im happy to get this!


    BTW Anyone else ever come across auctions like this?
    Ones that are mis-titled?


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    Very nice steal!
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    dear god man hell ill let u know what i want send u some money and u find it for me. ahaha AWSOME FIND WOWOWOWOW. WANA SELL ITILL GIVE U 3 DOLLARS ULL TRIPLE UR MONEY AHAHAHAH

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    hahaha, what can I say......Im not the only one who finds steals though...

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    i once got a KG patch card that had gone for around $150 for $55 when the seller declined to mention it was a patch card in the title
    but i havent found such a steal since

    you did a great job
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