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Thread: For sale or trade!!!

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    For sale or trade!!!

    2000 Private Stock Private Signings Marc Bulger auto bv40

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    I have an 02 Finest Urlacher Jersey (25)
    03 Pristine Performance Urlacher Jersey(15)
    and you can have whatever Lelie's I have from 02-03

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    hmm, i cant stand the rams. just trying to convince myself let it go.
    i like the way its sounds though. Just to see, do you have any autos i might be interested in. and what 2002 lelies are they? Sorry to be so questioning.

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    Only autos I have are:
    02 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Anthony Thomas
    02 Prestige Sophomore Signatures Anthony Thomas
    03 Gridiron kings Andre Reed
    01 Topps Team Legends Tommy McDonald
    OH and a Dez White Press Pass---ahaha jk

    the 02 Lelies are Stadium Club and Fleer Premium All-Rookie Team, those ones I mentioned to you before when we first traded. Speaking of which, we haven't left each other feedback. Im going to leave you positive feedback right now

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    click the profile button under my name and then its self explanitory

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    I appreciate it. Let me know if there's anything we can do with that Bulger. I think I have an 03 Topps All-American Quentin Griffin RC also

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    i dont have any of him. but i will see if you can get an auto around 15 bucks, you know how it is, it doesnt feel right without getting an auto out of the deal I'll hold it for you long as thats not a problem.

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    Thats fine with me, im sure ill get plenty of autos out of my 2 contenders boxes and I will let you know.

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