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Thread: 3 f/b gus for trade

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    3 f/b gus for trade

    I have these 3 football gus for trade

    02-03 UD Battleworn Jevon Kearse
    02-03 UD SweetSpot Josh McCown rc
    03-04 UD Standing O Julius Peppers

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    Oh, well who are you looking for? I might be interested

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    No, I have been too lazy to make a site...Just tell me who you like, Ill see if I have anything. I have no GU in the $10 bv range bc I just sold a big lot of cheap GU for 25

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    Byron Leftwich, Brett Favre, Lavar Arrington, Champ Bailey, Clinton Portis, Randy Moss, Donovan McNabb, Priest Holmes.

    Shaq, Kobe, Vince, Melo, francis, Yao, TMac, Iverson

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    Umm...I have a 2002 Playoff POTG Randy Moss GU Ball card BV 15 I could offer I guess

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    Hey, heelsfan, now I've updated my list of basketball, lemme know if you find anything you like. It's not that I didn't need it, just didn't know if I had anything at the time that I could offer for that one because there were so many others I was wanting and I was in between trades with. Hope this helps, I do have a lot more basketball stuff if you need anything else, just drop me a line!

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