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    Anyone need RC cards from the DLP set or 03 UD

    If you do, PM me and I will see if I have what you need.
    I want to see if anyone here wants to buy them before I put them on eBay.
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    Come on guys, with all of these looks, somebody has got to need some of them.

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    We need the Diamond Kings updates.. Got any of those?? LMK.


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    Originally posted by HemiBTL
    Delmon Young, Rickie Weeks?
    I have some of both of them.
    They are not #'d but I have some of both.
    PM me if interested in them.


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    No, just selling them for $$
    I am going to put up whatever I do not sell here on eBay tomorrow night.
    I figured I would give the good people here a chance 1st.

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    Rickie Weeks-

    Prestige RC
    Team Heroes RC
    Donruss Champions RC

    Delmon Young-

    Team Heroes RC
    Donruss Champions RC

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    I need 2003 Upper Deck #'s: 518-519-530.
    I also could use a lot of the DLP set. I just started that one. I could use from the cards listed above the Delmon Young Team Heroes RC.
    So far: from the prestige I have 202-206-209
    From champions I have 302-304-306-308
    From Team Heroes I Have 541-548
    From LEAF I have 322-323-326-328-329
    That means I'm looking for the rest.
    PLMK what you (still) have.


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