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    New to the Boards - Have Some New SP to Sell

    Hey guys, brand new to the boards after a hiatus of collecting for over 3 years. Just cracked open 2 boxes of SP Authentic and a half of a box of Contenders. Here's the bounty and I'm looking to sell. Hit me back at Thanks

    Okay, here's the first lot, I'm trying to keep these cards together:

    SP Authentic
    Rookies to 2200:
    Ken Hamlin
    J.J. Moses
    Alonzo Jackson

    Rookies to 1200:
    Danny Curley
    Ahmad Galloway
    Brett Engemann Autograph
    Casey Moore
    Joffrey Reynolds

    Gold Parallel:
    Julius Peppers #d 12/25

    Authentic Threads:
    Tyrone Calico

    UD Finite:
    Kyle Boller #'d 215/999

    Finite Jerseys:
    Dewayne Robertson

    Okay, the following cards are the bigger ones, I'll be keeping them separate, unless we create another package...

    SP Authentic
    Sign of the Times:
    Justin Fargas Redemption #d to ?

    Triple Jersey:
    McGahee/Portis/Edge #d 95/175

    Rookie Patch:
    Nate Burleson #d 93/850

    Rookie Autographed Tickets:
    Arnaz Battle
    Pisa Tinoisamoa Redemption

    Thanks a lot guys and, remember, it's

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    I want that PORTIS!!!!! And maybe the Arnaz Battle...any certain players you collect? I would love to work something out with you. LMK. Thanks, and welcome to the forum!

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    portisfan26 - Thanks for the interest - I'm a big UM fan, especially of Willie, so this might take a lot to be pried away. E-mail me an offer and we'll see what we can do.

    PeppersFan90 - Thanks, too. I'm guessing this; golds from last year have a multiplier of 30x. Saying Peppers' card is probably worth, what, $1? This brings the value of the card to about $30+ or so. E-mail me with an offer based upon that I suppose.

    As far as what I'm looking for, I'm trying to sell instead of trade. Thanks, guys.

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    Triple Jersey:
    McGahee/Portis/Edge #d 95/175

    i'm interested in this card. lmk how much you want for it.

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