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    LeBrons and other 03-04 rc's for trade

    Here is what I have to trade. I am looking for Any Carmelo's or LeBron's, and an Iverson inserts, rc's, or gu's

    LeBron----Topps, MVP

    Carmelo---Flair Wave of the Future, Fleer Tradition Playground Rules, MVP Silver boarder, MVP, MVP SportsNut, Victory

    Wade----Topps, MVP, Victory

    Kaman---Topps, MVP

    Hinrich---Hoops Creme of the Crop, MVP, Topps,

    Ford---Fleer Tradition Playground Rules, MVP

    Sweetney---Topps (2)

    Hayes---Flair wave of the Future, MVP


    Collison---UD Standing O Embossed, Topps

    Banks---Topps, MVP


    Gaines---UD, Topps

    Bell---Ultra, MVP Silver border, Fleer Tradition

    Cabarkapa---Topps, MVP, Victory

    Jones---Fleer Tradition Playground Rules, MVP

    Diaw---UD, Topps


    Outlaw---Topps, MVP

    Cook---Topps, Fleer Tradition


    Edi---Fleer Tradition


    Barbosa---Topps, MVP

    Howard---UD, Topps, MVP

    Lampe---UD, MVP

    Kapono---Fleer Tradition

    Smith---Standing O

    Walton---Ultra Gold Medallion

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    Want the Lebron

    What do you want for the Lebron Topps.

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    Cardking----only things I saw on your post that interested me were the Collison auto and the Davis 2 color patch.

    #1 Collector---let me know what you have to trade...I would be most interested in the guys I listed earlier

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    2003-04 RC's

    I have most 2003-04 rc's but not trading Melo or Lebron. And I have inserts from tradition and upper deck. PLMK

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    List some of the inserts that you have. Since I am tradeing a LeBron, if you have any extra LeBrons to trade, it would be nice

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    2003-04 RC's Upper Deck Air Academy
    Dwayne Wade
    Darko Milicic

    and check and tell me if you see anything there. It's all pics though?

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    #1collecter-------I am interested the following (in the order listed):

    LeBron Playground Rules
    Ridnour gu
    Carmelo Fleer Tradition
    Air Academy Wade
    Air Academy Milicic
    Ridnour Playground Rules

    Let me know what you think...I could add a couple cards to make a bigger deal

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    lebron cream of the crop for the mello silver border mvp

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