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Thread: Cechmanek gone from FLYERS

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    Cechmanek gone from FLYERS

    I know philly needs a goalie ,but can't understand why they would trade him for just a second round pick in the 2004 draft. Should have held onto him a little longer to see what they would have been offered from other teams.

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    They probabaly should have waited a bit longer, but they sure did want to get rid of him badly... Probably just happy to unload him and the salary.

    I wonder what will happen to Potvin now... might have a place in Colorado.

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    it doesnt help that hes in philly, the flyers are the most ridiculed team behind the eagles and with roman's play in the playoffs, the fans would be all over him next year. similar to scott rolen, good move for both, its not a good atmosphere for him and now going to the west coast he gets a new start with a decent team. he is no doubt a good goalie, but he needed a change of scenery.

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