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    SCF Playoffs Hockey pool contest - Check out the prize!

    Sportscardforum Hockey playoffs pool

    Well boys and girls it’s that time of the year again, the playoffs are upon us! To make this already exciting time even better, we have decided to give you the chance to take part in the SCF hockey playoffs pool.

    To take part all you have to do is:

    1) Post your user id when you reply to the following thread to help promote SCF on DIGG's:

    2) Register on and PM the email address you have used so that I can invite you to the SCF pool

    3) Make your ten selections (as described in the rules below) and email them to me by 11.59 PM (eastern time) on the 7th April 2008.

    Interested in knowing what you can win? Well here you go:

    And another prize just in (Thanks to quiet-things bir round of applause please!)

    Make your picks carefully as winner takes it all!

    Here are the rules:

    The regular season finishes on the 6th April and the playoffs start on the 9th April. Which means that everyone will have to make their selection by 11.59 PM (Eastern Time)the 7th April (I will input everyone’s selections on the 8th April). Please make sure that you select players that will be in the playoffs! This is why you can wait until the end of the regular season to make your selections.

    Every entrants will have to pick:

    2 Defensemen
    5 Forwards
    1 Goalie
    1 Enforcer
    1 Rookie

    However, you can chose a maximum of 2 players from the same team and you are of course not allowed to chose the same player twice. Chose wisely as no trades will be allowed!

    The pool will be created and points will be granted as follows:

    1 point per goal
    1 point per assist
    2 points per overtime goal
    3 points per hat trick
    2 points per shorthanded goal

    1 point per goal
    1 point per assist
    2 points per overtime goal
    3 points per hat trick
    2 points per shorthanded goal

    2 points per win
    5 points per goal
    1 point per assist
    5 points for a shutout

    2 points per goal
    1 point per penalty minute
    1 point per assist
    6 points per hat trick

    1 point per goal
    1 point per assist
    2 points per overtime goal
    3 points per hat trick
    2 points per shorthanded goal

    In your email to me please put your user ID, the email you have used to register on hockeyblitz and your picks. Please put SCF pool as the title of your email


    SCF Pool

    Pheebs888, (Please do not post your email address in this thread, send directly to me)

    Defense: Nicklas Lidstrom DET
    Defense: Andrei Markov MTL
    Forward: Sidney Crosby PIT
    Forward: Evgeni Malkin PIT
    Forward: Paul Stastny COL
    Forward: Henrik Zetterberg DET
    Forward: Daniel Alfredsson OTT
    Goalie: Martin Brodeur NJD
    Enforcer: George Parros ANA
    Rookie: Milan Lucic BOS

    I will input all selections on but every entrant will need to register on the website and will that way have access to the stats at any time.

    Any questions, please post them in this thread and I will be happy to answer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captngeetch View Post
    count me sent
    Thanks you are registered!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwalsh009 View Post
    i am interested in this.
    I have removed your email address from the thread so it doesnt show up on google or anything like that. Can you please follow the link in the original post and digg the contest? After that I will add you to the pool. I have saved your email address so i will be able to add you.


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    What do I do? I want in.
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    Same as Nathan went to Diggs but didn't seem like anything happened registered at hockey blitz as well do you know if they post a player list on the site once the playoff teams are known?Will e-mail with my picks
    Thanks for the oppurtunity

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