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    I wanna trade my games for your cards!!!!

    Hey everyone check my webpage to see the new cards I got 2 Jamal Lewis Graded and a Rattay Auto, anyways the games are listed below!!!!

    PC Games

    MechWarriors 4 Mercenaries (with book and the key)
    Madden 2004 (with book and the key, sumone stold the key so you cant play online)
    Devasation (with book and key)

    PS Games

    Fighting Force 2 Player Simaltounisly (no book)
    Duke Nukem Time to Kill (no book)

    PS2 Games

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (no book)

    I wanna trade for cards too!!!

    lmk open too all offersa really want all Brandon Lloyd cards!!!

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    Ill take the pc version of Madden 2004 and the ps2 Turtles what are you looking to get for these?

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    MechWarriors 4 Mercenaries (with book and the key)

    lmk if I have anything on my site you need for it. Thanks

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    whatnobeer - your site cant bwe found

    bamafan - yours cant either

    you guys have any, Vick, Holt, Lloyd, and Tim Rattay, lmkl!!!

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    I have other Vicks too mostly base from 02 and 03 heres his rookies Michael Vick
    01 Press Pass #3
    01 Press Pass Breakout #B2
    01 Fleer Keeping Pace #1KP
    01 Topps #311 x2
    01 Fleer Premium #7RR

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