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    Lookin for RC's of Marte, Weeks, D. Young, F. Pie...

    Please lmk what you have. Lookin for Base RC, Auto's and GU.....Also lmk who your looking for....



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    have a bowman marte and weeks bowman heritage that i'm lookin to sell


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    just lookin to trade right now, thanks


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    i have this...

    2003 Bowman Heritage Delmon Young

    do you by chance have any Pujols RCs up for trade? I could try to find more stuff to throw in if ya do...just lemme know!


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    I have a 2003 Stadium Club Royal Gold Marte RC...If you need it, I can use some 2003 Topps Chrome Refractors and such, 1998 SPx, or newer Pittsburgh Pirates stuff (99-04)


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    Hey Al....I have the 03 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects Marte #BDP146. Looking for guys in my sig. Thanks.....Dan

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    I have both the Leaf and the Donruss Delmon Young cards from the DLP Rookie Set. I would be looking for an RC in return
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    JB- What does the Bowman Heritage Young BV for so i know what to offer you.

    Moose-Also, what does 2003 Stadium Club Royal Gold Marte RC bv for, i have some 03 refractors..lmk

    Dunndeal-Also need bv for 03 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects Marte #BDP146, I have a nice GU #'d Dunn for trade.check my site.

    JFried- lmk who your interested in and how much in bv you want.

    Thanks for the replies guys, lookin forward to doin some trades...Thanks


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    Hey Al, I have these Marte RC's:

    2003 Bowman # 255
    2003 Topps # 300
    2003 Topps 205 # 132

    I'm looking for cards I need from the guys in my sig.


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