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    rare AUTO pull (from 04 Donruss RETAIL!)

    2004 Donruss Recollection Collection (89 Donruss)John Candelaria AUTO #ed 02/35

    Can't find a BV online, the one #ed/83 is BV $15, so I need over double that in trade...

    if interested, email me at:

    thanks for the read!


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    Wierd JBman
    Heres what I pulled from my retail Wal Mart box

    Nice pull...they must be heavy on Candelaria lol

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    I think it's odd how they put guys like candelaria into the auto set in the first place. It seems like they're just buying back cheap sets and inserting them as autos. I mean come on, they're putting guys like jesse orosco and people like that into autograph sets now. It just seems kinda odd that they'd do that.

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