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    cc Auction: 95/96 Parkhurst Emerald Ice Saku Koivu

    Up for auction

    1995-96 Parkhurst Emerald Ice 505 Saku Koivu

    Starting Bid: 20cc
    Bid Increments: 2cc
    Ends: 19 Jan 04 2:00 PM

    Shipping: SASE or 5cc added to total. Will be shipped in top loader and soft sleeve. Last bid at 2:00 PM wins.

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    you accept International bidders as livng in france ?
    i can add some cc if i win

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    Sure I think I can do that. About what does shipping cost to send to you?

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    i have a link for canadian post not us
    i remember sending 0.8 us $ for postge from US to Europe

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    i can add 15 cc max if i am the winner for postage

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