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    ricky williams/earl campbell dual auto $250

    From my PC:
    99 Bowman's Best Legacy Auto Ricky Williams/Earl Campbell $250

    Need something very nice for this: looking for a one for one. Unitas, Elway, Marino, Payton, Favre... make me an offer.

  2. Kronozio
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    well i have what ure looking for but like them two much but very nice card

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    you're killing me jandj! i know you have what i need... help me out!

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    skillkiller- i need a similar valued auto of one of the players i listed above. thanks.

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    i would want your unitas auto, your marino auto (listed as 94', but isn't it 96'?), and your spx chambers auto. do you have a scan of the marino and unitas?

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    there on my site and ill check it but u might be right on the marino auto... football site there on

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    they look nice, are they all in good shape? what can we do?

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